20 March 2015

A eulogy

This is a eulogy. I know this post shouldn't entitled as a eulogy, because eulogy is just for someone who passed away. So, forgive me, just hold to this, this eulogy is not for you, my friend. But it’s for our friendship. I think it’s time to say goodbye to it and time to memorize some beautiful things before we bury it or burn it (I think, the last one has a style)

This is a eulogy and like a proper other eulogy, it must be read in some kind of funeral. I should write this a month ago, or several months before? I don't know, when did our friendship pass away? You can tell me, my friend! Oh, sorry, how could u, when it died, you have no single reason to contact me anymore, right? Okay, I just need to write some interesting experiences that have been shared when our friendship was still alive. But I think, it isn't possible to put into words the importance of friendship and how much our friendship meant to me. It positively influenced my life in so many ways and I will miss it. I will miss the time when our friendship full of discussion, random talk, and affection. I don’t miss the awkward moment when we talked about our feeling nor the moment you silenced after that. I just miss our silly thought about past time. I will miss the moment I shared my idea about everything, my future plans and my dreams about future. I will miss the way it made my life get better. I will miss our friendship and anything about it, but you. I will never understand why it ended. I just realize that every mortal thing will die. And our friendship is one of it. However, it isn't an eternal thing.

So, this is my proper goodbye. Did I cry? Yes, I did. But there's nothing else I can do. It died for good reason for you that I will never understand. I just follow the rule; if something left you behind, all you can do is just let it go. I’ll do. I will let it go. Good bye, then!

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